During this past week, it was impossible not to have heard some jazz notes around campus. The WPI Jazz Group performed last week in Alden Hall and the Goat’s Head Restaurant on Wednesday, December 4 and Saturday, December 7. The Wednesday night performance was especially a big event since the Clark University Jazz Group joined WPI’s Stage Band to give an amazing performance... Read More

On Saturday students were treated to a musical extravaganza at the Audiophiles a capella show “Every Day I’m Buffering,” which took place at Alden Hall on December 8... Read More

E-sports (video game competitions) have been around since October 19, 1972 when Stanford University held an Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics; the grand prize was a year’s subscription for Rolling Stone. Video game competitions are becoming more and more popular around the world... Read More

Every year, many children eagerly look forward to Christmas and the items forever linked with the holiday: presents. There are some, however, who do not have the luxury of this type of Christmas, but retain the same hope for gifts... Read More