April Fools is a glorious day for individuals who like to make their friends and family develop long-term trust issues. From a fake spider on a desk to telling your significant other that you are pregnant, April Fool’s Day gags can cover a large range of topics and evoke many feelings. One of the many awful things about April Fool’s Day is that it can cause people to miss out on very important and real things, like getting invited on dates. Here is some advice if you turn down a valid date:

  1. Send large amounts of texts saying you too were partaking in the joke. By sending rapid amounts of texts, as quickly as possible, you are showing the other person that you care about them and want to date. Some might call it “looking needy,” but at WPI you’ve got to take what you can.

  2. Take out a personal ad in The Towers. Due to budget cuts and not conforming to “sustainability,” The Towers will begin offering discounted rates for taking out ads to deal with the coming budget pitfall. With a real-life Craigslist “missed connection” ad, you will definitely earn that date back and may be able to sell that set of weights you brought to your dorm room.

  3. Sing a sad, poorly-written love song on the Quad. Now that the weather is kind of getting warmer, it is time to bust out the four chords you can play on your guitar and win your date back. Be warned, on the Quad you will be dealing against other guitar players, people pretending to play football, terrible Frisbee players and many others, so be prepared to fight to win your date back.