A 22-year-old student (Garrett Curran ‘17) was arrested in New Mexico in the early hours of March 26. According to his lawyer, the student had been drinking and accidently entered the wrong house, where he fell asleep in the room of a sleeping seven-year-old girl. When the girl awoke and found him lying at the foot of her bed, she got her father. Authorities allege that the student then attacked the father; however, the student’s lawyer disputes this claim, saying that his client was too inebriated to fight. Neither the girl nor her father was injured. However, the student apparently suffered bruising from his alleged fight with the father. The student was charged with suspicion of breaking and entering, trespassing and child abuse. The last charge is for fighting in front of the young girl, rather than any physical harm inflicted on her. The student was in New Mexico to complete his IQP at the Santa Fe project center. When asked for comment, Anne Ogilvie, Director of Global Operations for the IGSD, informed The Towers that WPI “will respond through procedures outlined in the Student Planner and Resource guide, and in accordance with our Code of Conduct.” She also stated that the IGSD does not expect to make any changes to their policies or their screening procedures as a result of this incident.