Gadsen Flag commentary raises questions/concern
Dear Editors, I am writing this in response to the commentary written in last week's issue of Newspeak by a certain "Gasden Flag, Esq." I am quite disturbed, both by his article and by the recent trend of anonymous submissions to this student paper. First off, Mr. Flag's commentary was both insulting and poorly written. He points fingers at many and insults his readership, while making no sense whatsoever. For instance, what does sex, or a lack thereof, have to do with the lighting in the library? He insults the freshmen by inferring that they are all virgins, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Flag's writing is nothing short of libelous - he is merely out to get those who disagree with him. The purpose of his commentary was merely to insult certain members of the Student Government Association for doing him wrong, and had absolutely nothing good to offer the student body. Mr. Flag is simply another apathetic WPI student who sits in front of a computer and complains about everything, yet does nothing. There are many such people here at WPI - people who love to complain about everything, from professors to the social atmosphere, but never DO anything about it! The thing that bothers me the most about Flag's commentary, however, is not what he says, but HOW he says it. He is hiding his true identity from the student body, and for what? Pseudonyms, as I am told, were originally used by those writers who felt compelled to write the truth, yet feared for their lives. I highly doubt that Flag is in any sort of mortal danger for his opinions, and am disturbed that he has to hide behind a false name in order to express his opinion. The use of pen names seems to be becoming more and more prevalent in each issue of Newspeak, and it bothers me. If people are too afraid to use their own names, then perhaps they shouldn't be writing in a student paper. When I write to Newspeak, I use my own name. I know my opinions might not be the most popular ones, but I don't care! In summary, I think Mr. Flag and others should be either forced to come forward and use their real names in a by-line like everyone else, or be banned from writing commentary for Newspeak. Flag's opinions, or rather the manner in which he expresses them, serve no purpose other than to drive more wedges within the WPI Community and embarrass members of the Student Government Association, who are doing the best they can with all the apathy and lack of support here at WPI. Sincerely,
Amy L. Plack SGA Senator and Class of 1996 [disclaimer- The opinions I have expressed here are by no means those of members of any organization of which I am a member]