World News


Newborn found by authorities in trash bag
  A newborn baby was found in a garbage bag by authorities at Manila’s airport on Sunday September 12. The baby boy, covered in blood and tissue paper, seems to have been unloaded from an airplane traveling from Baharain in the Middle East. Airport doctors and nurses took over to clean him and check his vital signs, which fortunately were declared okay and healthy. The baby was handed over to social workers in the airport, and Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman ordered police to search for the mother of the baby, who should be criminally charged.


Trapped miners receive relief help
  The thirty-three miners trapped underground for over a month now have finally received electricity and cigarettes, though the fight to release them continues. A 2,300 foot power cable was fed to the men so that they can install electrical lighting and help them sleep at night. The miners have all been having trouble sleeping, because of the constant darkness, but more lighting will give them some idea of night and day. Also installed was a plastic tube to pump water and fresh air so that the men can smoke cigarettes but not pollute the limited air in the mine.


Updates records; finds out 234,354 centenarians lost
  Problems with the Japanese Justice Ministry’s nationwide survey seem to reveal that the country has “lost” 234,354 centenarians. The Ministry went through countless family registries, which need to be updated whenever Japanese citizens move to a new home, but the “lost” 100-pluses could not be found at their listed addresses. It turns out that some were discovered at their family’s homes, lain to rest years or decades ago. Many others are speculated to have had the same story.


Prime minister accosted with shoe
  Vendors and marketers from Thessaloniki protested Prime Minister George Papandreou on Sunday September 12 because of the state of the nation’s economy. One middle-aged radiologist even threw a shoe at the Prime Minister as he attempted to leave the exhibition center. Although he missed, he and two other protesters were escorted away with the police. The Prime Minister did not press charges against the three main protesters, but his promise to help Greece out of depression was neglected by many.


Iceberg crashes, breaks upon impact
  An arctic iceberg, the largest in fifty years, crashed into a rocky island west of Greenland on Saturday, September 11 and split into two pieces. The ice island, which is four times the size of Manhattan and as thick as half the height of the Empire State Building, broke off of Greenland’s Petermann Glacier last month. The two halves are now floating towards Newfoundland, Canada, but are not expected to reach North America for two years, and by then the ice will melt and greatly decrease in size.


Gunmen murder 25, 85 more escape
  Gunmen, as a part of a drug-gang attack, killed 25 people on Friday September 10 in Ciudad Juarez, near the nation’s border. On the same day, 85 prisoners escaped Reynosa Prison by climbing ladders over the prison’s 20-foot wall. This event, also near the border, is the country’s biggest jail break that Mexicans can remember. Because of the drug cartels, Sinaloa and Juarez, the city of Ciudad Juarez has become one of the world’s most dangerous cities.