WPI sustainability a priority
WPI revamps “green” efforts, Taskforce on Sustainability unveils new plan
Xavier Leo
News Editor

On Wednesday, March 21st, the President’s Taskforce on Sustainability presented their new initiative, which they termed the Campus Sustainability Plan, to an open audience.
  This is just the most recent event in what has become an increasingly popular “green” presence on campus. Just last year, WPI ranked 85th out of 500 universities in Recyclemania and gathered over 30-tons of recycled materials, and the future efforts of the Taskforce will be an integral component in the school’s efforts to conserve.
  The President’s Taskforce on Stability is comprised of members from all areas of the WPI community, boasting a strong representation by students, staff and faculty alike.
  The Taskforce outlined objectives it hopes to accomplish through its work and teachings throughout as well as beyond campus:

  1. Improve campus environmental performance.
  2. Integrate sustainability concepts throughout the curriculum.
  3. Encourage personal reflection and action for sustainability.
  4. Facilitate ongoing basic and applied research on these themes.
  5. Contribute to local and global sustainability initiatives.
  6. Reflect and communicate sustainability performance on these themes.